Well, it took us a little while to get up and running on the News page but here we are. The good news is that we have been so busy that it has been hard to get to the website updates. However, there is some interesting stuff going on so . . . read on.


Our latest hardware update

The Sokkia SHC5000

This new tablet recorder, incorporating Real Time Kinematic (RTK) data collection allows us to improve efficiency out in the field. Better screen illumination makes it easier for our operators to see what they are doing in bright light. Just part of our drive to stay ahead of the curve on technology.

Along with updated hardware comes software improvements. We have installed BricsCAD software at the office to improve our CAD capability. This software will improve the presentation of our final plans and improve efficiency. We like something that makes us look good.

We have also updated our Mail Manager so that all our e-mails can be referenced to individual jobs. No more hunting around trying to find an e-mail that came in about a particular project. It's all neatly filed and easily available now and in the future. That's better for us and our clients.

There have been exciting developments with drone mapping in the surveying industry. It getting easier and more affordable to get very accurate aerial surveys of our projects which can be converted to 3D fly-throughs, and other applications. We've now utilised such technology for two of our projects and are pleased with the results. The future has arrived!

And, lastly, on the project front, there is still an awful lot going on locally to keep us busy. We are just finishing up on The Oaks retirement village in central Warkworth, doing finishing touches to projects in John Andrew Drive, Warkworth, and closing off Stage 2 and opening Stage 3 of our work in Torea Rd, Matakana. There are many more projects in the pipeline so expect to see our utes and staff out and about in the field.