Subdivision in 5 easy steps

Dividing up land can be a complex, lengthy and sometimes expensive business. We can guide you through this process to help you maximise your opportunities. We can also look after your complete property development from start to finish.

If you are considering a subdivision for the first time, here is a useful outline of the five basic tasks required to get from concept to title. Each of these phases has varying degrees of complexity depending on your project. Boundary adjustments need to go thorugh this same 5-step process.

We aim to make this process as easy and transparent as possible for you.


Step 1: Viability Phase

Can you subdivide? If so, do you have access to the required funding? Get in touch with us for an estimate of cost and time frames involved.

Step 2: Consent Phase

We engage the appropriate consultants and help you prepare all the material required by Council for a Resource Consent, and submit on your behalf.

Step 3: Survey Phase

We do the field measurements and technical paperwork required to prepare your land survey plans for certification and approval.

Step 4: Engineering Phase

Working alongside a qualified engineering consultant we prepare and attain approval of design plans and oversee physical works.

Step 5: Legal Phase

We coordinate with your lawyer and Land Information New Zealand for the final paperwork, and you get new titles. Job done!